How to promote Infographic

Best Ways to Promote your Infographic Design and Free Tips

You’ve spent a lot of time creating an infographic that reflects your business products, services and message and now you’re ready to share it with the world. But how do you promote your infographic?

How to promote Infographic

To start, we recommend embedding your infographic in your blog or on a high traffic page on your website first. Whether you post the image to social media or link to it in an email, when people click that image or link, it will take them back to your business’s website or blog. That’s where you want them! Promoting your infographic doesn’t stop at posting it on your website, though. Here are a few more tips for you to try!

Promote your Infographic to Social Media

To get the most out of each infographic you create, try. Regularly tweeting your infographic. Make sure to include #infographic or a hashtag relevant to the content to help it gain some traction.

You can also share it on Facebook. We recommend sharing the link to your blog or website where the infographic is located in one post, then sharing the infographic as a JPEG or PNG image post. Direct image uploads work best if the infographic is not super long, so chop up a larger infographic into social media-friendly sizes.

You can also try to post on LinkedIn. Include your infographic image, some of the original post, and a link to your website! You can also use social media video to announce your new post and infographic.

Facebook Live and Instagram Stories allows you to expand on content from your infographic and get people engaged! You can also create smaller social images using pieces of your infographic. Use headlines, tips or quotes that will entice people to check out the original infographic from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

Email marketing is another great way to promote your infographics. You can select a portion of an infographic for your email. Trim the image to fit in the email template and then link to the entire infographic on your website. You can also turn your email template into an infographic. People love visual emails so why not make an infographic newsletter! On top of email marketing for your infographic.

Giveaway it!

You can also: Give it away! Offer your infographic to relevant blogs, websites or companies who could benefit from your information. When you do this, always make sure you have your business information in the footer! Share it on forums and answer sites.

Blog comment sections, Quora pages and even Reddit are all great places to provide value with your infographic. Use your infographic as design for Facebook ads, banner ads and even print materials! Your infographic counts as design materials – why not use them to their fullest? Include infographics in worksheets, ebooks and other resources you create. People love visual information, so any time you want to relay information quickly and effectively, include your infographic. If you create a number of infographics, you can also package them as a free resource or report! However you decide to promote your infographics, we hope you see that you have plenty of options.

Remember! Creating isn’t enough, you need to promote because promoting that image is what gets conversions and growth for your business!

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