7 Types Of Infographic and Examples

7 Types Of Infographic and Examples

These Seven Common Types of Infographics

So you have your idea you’ve done your research and you’ve collected your data you’re probably wondering what type of infographic design will best represent and communicate your information as you think about your infographic design consider.

1. List Infographic

Number one the lists infographic supports a claim through a series of steps it is best used to support a specific claim or argument your list can go from top to bottom left to right or it can even move across your canvas.

2. Comparison Infographic

Number two the comparison or vs. infographic compares two things in a head-to-head study it is best used to highlight differences between two similar things or highlight similarities between two unlike things it is also used to prove how one option is superior or inferior to the other option.

3. Flowchart Infographic

Number three the flowchart infographic provides a specific answer to reader choices it is best used to provide personalized answers for readers or show how multiple situations can reach the same conclusion.

4. Visual Article Infographic

Number four a visual article infographic makes a piece of writing more visual it is best used to cut down on text or make an article more interesting and enjoyable to consume it also increases sharing potential through social media.

5. Map Infographic

Number five the map infographic showcases data trends based on location it is best used to compare places culture and people through setting centric data and demographics.

6. Timeline Infographic

Number six the timeline infographic tells a story through chronological flow it is best used to show how something has changed over time or make a long complicated story easier to understand it can also show how one thing leads to another.

7. Data Visualization Infographics

Number seven a data visualization infographic communicates data through charts and graphs it can even showcase data through design it is best used to make data-driven arguments easier to understand and make facts or statistics more interesting to absorb which type of infographic will best represent your information tell us in the comments section below find these professionally designed infographic templates and much more in easily.

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